There are no words to describe it.

I went to a training for grief and loss two years ago. One of the things that I remembered is that these feelings can come from anything. When there is a loss, a loss of a life, a loss of a relationship, a loss of a stable life – everybody experiences grief. There are no “stages.” Everybody lives on a continuum that is forever changing. Nothing is constant and people will always go in and out of their feelings of happiness and sadness.

That is why I can say that there are no words to describe what grief is. Everybody, no matter how well connected to a person or how far removed, experiences it. The death of a community member, a celebrity, a friend, a family member… It doesn’t matter. Somebody somewhere is experiencing what that loss feels like. Whether the loss is expected or not, there’s no telling how someone can react.

Let’s just say that no matter how far removed, everybody feels something. I am feeling something. For everybody involved. Even the person who inflicted this pain.

Totally cliche, but life is short. Life is too short.

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