Everybody Starts Somewhere

Today one of my supervisors said that to me while I was doubting my abilities to provide the best client care for a monolingual Vietnamese client. And in that moment, I truly understood that this negative self talk, this instant reaction to minimize my accomplishments really, really needs to go and in order to do that, I have to remember that superstars weren’t always superstars – they were me. And one day, I will be my own superstar.

It won’t be easy – the cessation of my self-deprecating views, but it’s a start. I was thinking about the different ways through which I can measure my growth and while I may still need to figure out what that will look like, I realized that it’s like growing taller. Most days, you won’t notice it, but when you start to make marks, use a baseline from the last change, that’s when you will realize that you’ve grown. So in this time for me, I can to figure out what I can use to measure my own growth. Will it be in the form of a blog? Will there be an assessment tool? Or simply just the memory that once upon a time, I didn’t know the answer to one plus one.

4 thoughts on “Everybody Starts Somewhere”

  1. Well welcome to your new blog home. I hope you add an email subscription feature so I can continue to follow you šŸ™‚

    YES one day you will be a superstar but I already think you’re a superstar so there šŸ™‚ I do think having some kind of tracking/assessment tool to measure the great things you do is important. A former supervisor of mine suggested I start an “atta girl” folder and save emails/documents/whatever in there that I am proud of or that are really positive. Then, once a year or more, go through it and remind myself of all that positive. Maybe you can do something like that too.


    1. I really like that folder idea! And I will look into a plug in for subscribers =P I was just assuming people would use the RSS hahaha <3

      1. I don’t have an RSS reader now that Google took theirs away. Not that I really used it anyway cause that feed was just as bad as my twitter feed. That’s why I subscribe by email to important sites I don’t want to miss šŸ™‚

        1. I’ve added it! But it’s WordPress.com style – I don’t know if there’s a way to just subscribe without leaving a comment, but hopefully it works just as well!

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